Rest In Peace to Tom Petty

He may have just parted this world, but Tom Petty’s song ‘Refugee’ should always be a powerful reminder for refugees and asylum seekers that although you may indeed be a refugee or an asylee, that:

“Everybody has to fight to be free, you see
You don’t have to live like a refugee;
No baby, you don’t have to live like a refugee”


Rest in Peace, Tom Petty

Full lyrics to Refugee here.

Supreme Court Stops Government from Denying Citizenship for Minor Misstatements

Central American Refugee Center (CARACEN) reports:

In an important decision, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that an immigrant cannot be stripped of citizenship for making minor misstatements. In the case of Maslenjak v. United States a woman who lied about her husband’s immigration status during an interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) was stripped of her citizenship.

Source: Supreme Court Decision Stops Trump Administration from Taking Away Citizenship for Fibs – Long Island Wins 

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Best Wishes & Hopes on World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day!

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American Dream: Cubs’ Montero Savors U.S. Citizenship

Miguel Montero had help from the Cubs in his studies as he worked to pass the U.S. citizenship test.

During the fourth inning of a rain-soaked 10-2 Cubs loss to the Phillies, the stadium stood for Montero as he was honored on the left-field video board. Montero tipped his cap back to the crowd.

Montero studied hard for the citizenship test, spending his spare time absorbing every bit of U.S. history. He would often toss out questions to teammates, most of whom were left guessing.

But while the Cubs had fun with the process, they were also eager to help Montero reach his goal. John Lackey was among those instrumental in Montero’s studies. Dartmouth product Kyle Hendricks, naturally, knew his history.

For Montero, the test was easy.

“A lot of those guys, they didn’t even know the answer,” Montero said. “For me to be able to answer those questions, it was pretty special.

Source: American Dream: Cubs’ Montero Savors U.S. Citizenship

As a lifelong baseball fan, stories like this are why I became an immigration lawyer.

Felicidades, Miguel y Vanessa!

Also……I can’t help myself here but…..LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!

AILA – Revised Credible and Reasonable Fear Guidance for Asylum and CBP Officers

Author of AILA’s Asylum Primer Dree Collopy shares details from USCIS’s revised Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear lesson plans that went into effect on February 27, 2017, and explains what the changes mean for lawyers.

Source: AILA – AILA Quicktake #190: Revised Credible and Reasonable Fear Lesson Plans

Needless to say, this will result, as Dree Collopy states, the increase in expedited removals without due process.  CBP, ICE and TSA officials are already demonstrating a vast dearth of basic understanding of due process.

Avisa: familiares a la frontera que quieren aplicar para asilo tienen que presentar evidencia documentado para darles un chance para salir de detencion y un chance para luchar para asilo enfrente un juez.  Habla con un abogado licensiado inmediamente!

NY Attorney General Reaffirms Student’s Rights to Education

Pursuant to the New York State Education Law, children over five and under twenty-one years of age who have not received a high school diploma are entitled to attend the public schools in the school district in which they reside without paying tuition. Moreover, school districts must ensure that all students within the compulsory school age attend upon full-time instruction.1 Undocumented children, like U.S. citizen children, have the right to attend school full time as long as they meet the age and residency requirements established by state law. Indeed, the U.S. Supreme Court held decades ago, in Plyler v. Doe, that school districts may not deny students a free public education on the basis of their undocumented or non-citizen status, or that of their parents or guardians.

N.Y. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman



‘Parole-in-Place’ Program for U.S. Military Families in Danger

Parole-in-Place for immigrant family members of U.S. Military servicemen grants needed protection against removal. Sloppy and irresponsible policymaking by the President may be endangering this program.

U.S. Marine Corps veteran and political scientist:

The initial reasoning and effort that created this program was sound. It strengthens our military and our country. It is wrong to go back on our word and our commitment to the very citizens who sacrifice the most. It isn’t enough to clap for veterans in airports or once a year on a holiday. We show our true appreciation by keeping our word, in this instance by protecting their families.


Also see this from Military Times:

“It’s common decency and common sense: how could a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine focus on their duty, when their spouse or child could be deported at any time?”

Department of Homeland Security officials haven’t announced whether the “Parole in Place” program — instituted in November 2013 as a military readiness initiative — has been affected by recent executive orders issued by President Donald Trump.


Llama su abogado inmediatamente para noticias y avisa en este tema.

American Immigration Council Report: Consequences of Worksite Enforcement Raids

“When large numbers of people leave an area, either because they have been deported or because they simply couldn’t endure the hostility, there is a negative impact on the community. Immigrants and their families are workers, taxpayers, business owners, and consumers. When they disappear, so do tax revenues, businesses, and jobs. Furthermore, the goodwill between ethnic communities that took years to build can be quickly destroyed.”

Source: After the Raid is Over: Marshalltown, Iowa and the Consequences of Worksite Enforcement Raids

In short, the effects are much like any midwest industrial town that has lost it’s industry that will never return.  Property values and employment drop and decay occurs.  Similar signs were seen in Prince Edward County, Virginia by filmmakers Eric Blyer and Annabel Park presented in their 2009 documentary, 9500 Liberty.

Direct Link to AIC Report:

IMPORTANTE – Formas Nuevas para Ciudadania!!!

IMPORTANTE: Hay formas nuevas para ciudadania! (Version de 7 de Octubre, 2016)

Descargar y aplicar:

Si tenia su residencia permanente para 5 anos (o 3 anos para gente que reciben residencia por matrimonio), habla con su abogados inmediamente para aplicar.  No sabemos que va a pasar en ese eleccion!!  Aplice hoy con ARANDIA LAW FIRM!