Immigration Council: Deportations in the Dark

This has been found to be inherently true by most immigration practitioners:

“Often, migrants do not receive copies of deportation documents and have little understanding of the processes they have undergone and the related legal ramifications. When U.S. officials prevent migrants from accessing critical information and processes, they further deprive individuals of their possible legal opportunities to present immigration claims.


“Given the escalation of immigration enforcement, the problems identified in this report are only likely to multiply. If not addressed, the behavioral patterns leading to abuses could spawn mass constitutional rights violations.”

Source: Deportations in the Dark

NOTICIA: President Will Increase Expedited Removals at Borders

New memorandum drafted by the President will vastly increase the power of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents to issue expedited removals at the border.  Expedited removal orders carry massive consequences for potential immigrant and nonimmigrant travelers to the United States.

Source: A Primer on Expedited Removal

Noticia – si miembros de su familia se trataria cruzar la frontera y estarian parrados por agentes del gobierno federal, es necessario para tener un abogado.  Habla con un abogado inmediamente para obtener informacion, pedir asilo, y registrarle con el gobierno para hablar con los agentes.  Los agentes va a pedir una forma G-28 por un abogado.  Obtiene un numero de telefax de los agentes inmediamente cuando hablan con su familia en detencion en la frontera.  

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Es necesario para inmigrantes sin papeles para tener un abogado licenciado que puede ayudarte cuando tiene contacto con un agente federal!  Llama inmediamente!!!

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