Suffolk and Nassau Policy of Detaining Immigrants on ICE Warrants Ruled Illegal

From Long Island Wins:

“The New York State Appellate Division Court issued a judgement today finding the holding of immigrants by local and state police on ICE detainers and non-judicial immigration orders is illegal.”

Tell your municipality to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on immigrants that ICE is going to let wallow in your custody for days as you house and feed them.

Source: Suffolk and Nassau Law Enforcement Policy of Detaining Immigrants on ICE Warrants Ruled Illegal – Long Island Wins

From Military Times:  Rules of engagement for troops at Mexican border

Source: Here are the rules of engagement for troops deploying to the Mexican border


“According to the Congressional Research Service, under the extended support, the military may provide “assistance in maintenance or upgrade of equipment; transportation of personnel; establishment and operation of operations or training bases; training of law enforcement personnel; detecting and monitoring traffic within 25 miles of the border; road and fence construction; light installation along smuggling corridors; the establishment of command and control centers and computer networks; the provision of linguist and intelligence analysis services; and aerial and ground reconnaissance.””


USCIS Using Tablets to Administer the English Reading and Writing Tests for Naturalization | USCIS

USCIS beginning to use digital tablets to administer the English reading and writing tests during naturalization interviews as part of the agency’s ongoing “business” modernization efforts.

What about administering Naturalization exams is…a business?  How many elderly people will fail because they will have issues writing with a stylus?  My clients already have trouble with the digital tablets.  People with vision problems don’t use tablets because they are hard to see, and often glasses produce glare.

Is this really worth it?  This is what our tax dollars is going to?

Computer or tablet ‘literacy’ is not a naturalization requirement.  I guess we’ll have to start helping our clients practice writing with a digital stylus on top of the English and Civics preparation.

Source: USCIS Using Tablets to Administer the English Reading and Writing Tests for Naturalization | USCIS

DHS Lied About Family Separation – Long Island Wins

A new report from the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security offers shocking details of the complete failure of the Trump Administration to provide for the care of the children it tore from the hands of their parents at the Border under its now-infamous “Zero Tolerance” police.

Simply put…they lied:

On June 23, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security announced that this problem had been corrected and that a “central database” had been created that ICE, Border Patrol, and the Office for Refugee Resettlement could all access. “However,” the Inspector General, “found no evidence that such a database exists.” Let that sink in. Under pressure to account for the disappearance of children, they simply lied!


Source: Homeland Security Lied About Family Separation Says Inspector General Report – Long Island Wins

OIG Report:


President Creates Confusion on Public Charge Rule – Long Island Wins

The number of new immigrants granted “greens cards” was already down by 20% before last week’s announcement that a new rule was being proposed that might prevent people who receive certain government benefits from being granted permanent residence. That proposed change is not in effect now, and is unlikely to go into effect before January, …


 Unlike prior administrations that tried to tamp down misunderstandings about changes in how laws are interpreted, the Trump team exploits fear to keep immigrants from becoming permanent residents and citizens. Any other administration would have issued a press release by now assuring immigrants that no one needs to stop receiving benefits immediately, that this rule will not go into effect until 2019, if at all.


We’ll see them in court.

Source: Team Trump Creates Confusion on Proposed Public Charge Rule – Long Island Wins

Re-Registration Period Open for TPS – Somalia | USCIS

“Current beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under Somalia’s designation who want to maintain their status through the 18-month extension period ending on March 17, 2020, must re-register between Aug. 27, 2018, and Oct. 26, 2018.”

Call your lawyer today!!!

Source: Re-Registration Period Now Open for Temporary Protected Status for Somalia | USCIS

USCIS to Issue Immigration Charges to Applicants | USCIS

“The revised policy generally requires USCIS to issue an NTA in the following categories of cases in which the individual is removable:

  • Cases where fraud or misrepresentation is substantiated, and/or where an applicant abused any program related to the receipt of public benefits. USCIS will issue an NTA even if the case is denied for reasons other than fraud.
  • Criminal cases where an applicant is convicted of or charged with a criminal offense, or has committed acts that are chargeable as a criminal offense, even if the criminal conduct was not the basis for the denial or the ground of removability. USCIS may refer cases involving serious criminal activity to ICE before adjudication of an immigration benefit request pending before USCIS without issuing an NTA.
  • Cases in which USCIS denies a Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, on good moral character grounds because of a criminal offense.
  • Cases in which, upon the denial of an application or petition, an applicant is unlawfully present in the United States.”

So, just more administrative officers thinking they’re border patrol police. 

Source: USCIS Updates Notice to Appear Policy Guidance to Support DHS Enforcement Priorities | USCIS

Hatred of Immigrants Halted Construction of the Washington Monument – from Long Island Wins

“The team may have thrown the stone into the Potomac River or broken it up into tiny pieces as souvenirs of their blow against Catholic immigration.  Certainly at least one Know Nothing claimed decades later to have a sliver of the stone.”


Source: When Hatred of Immigrants Stopped the Washington Monument from Being Built – Long Island Wins

Military Times’ Sailor of the Year’s Wife Will Be Deported

Loretto Sullivan and many other military members, veterans and spouses are speaking out about their deportation fears. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said military members are now protected from deportation, but the families want to know, what about the spouses and kids?


There are at least three bills under consideration in Congress that could help military spouses, dependents and even veterans themselves who have been deported or face a future deportation.

The first is H.R. 1036, the “American Families United Act,” sponsored by Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, which would enable immigration enforcement on a case-by-case basis to allow military spouses, dependents and other categories of immigrants to remain in the U.S.

The second is “Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018,” sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., and Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, which would ease some of the immigration restrictions for international adoptees.

The third is H.R. 3429, “Repatriate Our Patriots Act,” sponsored by Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas, Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, and O’Rourke. That bill would allow certain honorably discharged veterans who have been deported to come home.

Neither House bill has been granted a committee hearing in Congress, and the Senate bill was just reintroduced this week after it did not gain traction last session.


Source: Military Times’ Sailor of the Year’s wife reveals she fears deportation

ICE to deport wife of Marine, Iraq Veteran

Alejandra Juarez and her family have spent thousands of dollars fighting her deportation.

Soto, whose district includes the Juarez’ home, filed the “Patriot Spouses Act” and another bill on Alejandra Juarez’ behalf that would allow her to stay. Both bills have gained bipartisan support, Soto said, but the bills have not yet been taken up by committee.


As the son of Puerto Rican parents and a Vietnam Veteran, this is abhorrent.  USCIS will not process parole-in-place applications while individuals such as Alejandra are in court proceedings (or have a prior order of removal), so strong American families like this are at risk.  Call your representatives now!  And pray for Sgt. Juarez, his wife Alejandra, and family.


Source: ICE to deport wife of Marine, Iraq veteran Aug. 3