American Dream: Cubs’ Montero Savors U.S. Citizenship

Miguel Montero had help from the Cubs in his studies as he worked to pass the U.S. citizenship test.

During the fourth inning of a rain-soaked 10-2 Cubs loss to the Phillies, the stadium stood for Montero as he was honored on the left-field video board. Montero tipped his cap back to the crowd.

Montero studied hard for the citizenship test, spending his spare time absorbing every bit of U.S. history. He would often toss out questions to teammates, most of whom were left guessing.

But while the Cubs had fun with the process, they were also eager to help Montero reach his goal. John Lackey was among those instrumental in Montero’s studies. Dartmouth product Kyle Hendricks, naturally, knew his history.

For Montero, the test was easy.

“A lot of those guys, they didn’t even know the answer,” Montero said. “For me to be able to answer those questions, it was pretty special.

Source: American Dream: Cubs’ Montero Savors U.S. Citizenship

As a lifelong baseball fan, stories like this are why I became an immigration lawyer.

Felicidades, Miguel y Vanessa!

Also……I can’t help myself here but…..LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!

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