Economic Cost of Ending DACA

Report by a former MALDEF colleague of mine, Jose Mangana-Salgado, for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Separate from the immense loss of Social Security and Medicare receipts provided by the legal employment of DACA beneficiaries (over 85% of DACA Beneficiaries are lawfully employed), businesses will incur a large cost of employee turnover:

“To obtain the turnover cost for the massive lay-off of close to three quarter of a million DACA employees, we multiply $24,988.40 (the average yearly salary of a DACA recipient) by 645,145 to obtain $16,121,141,817.77. We then multiply $16,121,141,817.77 by 21.4% (the turnover cost) to yield $3,449,924,349.00 or $3.4 billion, the total turnover cost for the wholesale lay-off of the entire employed DACA population.”

Any employer knows that replacing an already trained and effective employee incurs many costs not considered by policy-makers and breakers.

See the full report HERE.

Also see: ‘The High Costs of Ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’  from Center For American Progress:

“The DACAmented portion of that workforce represents 9 percent of the full unauthorized workforce—645,145 divided by 7 million—and by taking 9 percent of $4.7 trillion, we arrive at $433.4 billion in lost GDP over a decade.”

I like that term. “DACAmented”.  Let’s make it into something more permanent.

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