American Immigration Council Report: Consequences of Worksite Enforcement Raids

“When large numbers of people leave an area, either because they have been deported or because they simply couldn’t endure the hostility, there is a negative impact on the community. Immigrants and their families are workers, taxpayers, business owners, and consumers. When they disappear, so do tax revenues, businesses, and jobs. Furthermore, the goodwill between ethnic communities that took years to build can be quickly destroyed.”

Source: After the Raid is Over: Marshalltown, Iowa and the Consequences of Worksite Enforcement Raids

In short, the effects are much like any midwest industrial town that has lost it’s industry that will never return.  Property values and employment drop and decay occurs.  Similar signs were seen in Prince Edward County, Virginia by filmmakers Eric Blyer and Annabel Park presented in their 2009 documentary, 9500 Liberty.

Direct Link to AIC Report:

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