The Intercept: Turmoil at DHS and U.S. State Department

From ‘The Intercept’:

“The immigration official said that staffers at one Department of Homeland Security office were devastated when they arrived at work Monday morning to find an email, circulated among DHS leadership over the weekend, informing department personnel that they would no longer be permitted to adjudicate any immigration claims from the seven countries targeted by Trump’s travel ban, including petitions for asylum, permanent residency, or naturalization.”


Fun fact:  This week, I attended an asylum interview with a young client.  When we arrived at the asylum office, we were greeted by the supervisor, who, in her position, graciously thanked the applicants for showing up and ensured each applicant that no asylum laws have been changed and that no negative consequences were going to happen that day.  The supervisor appeared truly happy to see applicants still showing up.  Such is the moral of many DHS and State Department employees, apparently.

Also see the draft of the internal dissent memorandum within the Department of State, published by Lawfare.  Excerpt here:

“The end result of this ban will not be a drop in terror attacks in the United States; rather, it will be a drop in international good will towards Americans and a threat towards our economy.”

According to Lawfare, a dissent memorandum must be responded to in 30 to 60 days.

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